Bucks and Wethers

At present we’ve got four bucks and a single wether.

Crystal's Babies-20

Woodland Trails Roger

Roger (Daddy)

Here he is climbing up the hay mountain in our barn while I muck out the “Boys'” stall. Funtimes!

Roger was the first buck here at Red Clover Farm.  Last Spring he sired three others, I’ve included their baby pictures below.  Soon, I’ll update with new images so you can see them in their grown-up glory!

Crystal's Biggest

This is Red Clover Wrigley.  Doe = New Moon Firecrystal, Sire = Woodland Trails Roger.

Crystal's Middle

Red Clover Moonshine – Doe = New Moon Firecrystal, Sire = Woodland Trails Roger

Dora's Boy 1

Red Clover Jasper. Doe = Adorabelle, Sire = Woodland Trails Roger

Finally, here is our lovable little wether.

Rebelle 2

Woodland Trails Rebelle