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Not a Prince, But It’s Cute

Apparently there is an open space around one of the window air conditioning units, since I found this little guy hopping around in the living room tonight.  I have a soft spot for little frogs, so I took a couple … Continue reading

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Which Side Is My Bread Buttered On?

This Side, Baby! Yesterday, as I reached for a mason jar of goat’s milk, I noticed that a large amount of cream had risen to the top over the last couple of days.  I looked at another jar, and saw … Continue reading

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Dairy Days!

Since some of the little goats are weaned, it’s time to start milking! Here’s where it all starts!  These little goats are short, so I milk into a little stainless steel bowl, then transfer it to a mason jar for … Continue reading

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New Baby Goats!

Firecrystal finally had her kids!  We’ve been watching her closely for the last couple of weeks and after a few false alarms, she has given us two beautiful babies  Both are adorable and doing great!   The birth went smoothly…once … Continue reading

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Tiny Surprise

I found something extra in the watering pitcher… Apparently the little cutie was trapped in there.  Of course, I fished it out and turned it loose. That is all!

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The Hound

He’s a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix, and as you might expect from that, he’s a very high-energy dog.  He did inherit the infamous Border Collie stare.  Once something has his attention he LOCKS ON.  His entire attention and being is … Continue reading

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The Goats Crack Me Up Sometimes…

I was also treated to this view the other day…  Apparently some grain sifted down behind the trough… I’ll end with a picture of our very, very pregnant Adorabelle…

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So what else do you folks do?

Well, in addition to keeping the goats we garden, do crafts and keep a few types of poultry. These are the ones you’ll probably hear first if you visit our place…  Guineas are loud, but I love having them.  They … Continue reading

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Tiny Goats For Sale 2017

This is the excerpt for your very first post. Continue reading

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