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Maybelle’s Babies

We got our last bunch of goat kids this morning!  Maybelle did great, and gave us four more! So there they all are!  The kidding season may be over, but we still have lots of little goats available.  Contact us … Continue reading

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Even more babies! (Two more sets!)

Iota had her babies!  Check out the little moon-spots!   Not long after, Clarissa gave us FOUR baby does all in one go! So that makes fourteen babies so far this year…  (When we let them all out to run … Continue reading

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More Babies – 2018

Now it’s Adorabelle’s turn.  Three more little cuties!

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Baby Goats 2018… It begins!

These little guys were born earlier this month on 4/1/18.  They’re growing fast and two have sold already!  Scroll on down for your cuteness fix for today!

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Not a Prince, But It’s Cute

Apparently there is an open space around one of the window air conditioning units, since I found this little guy hopping around in the living room tonight.  I have a soft spot for little frogs, so I took a couple … Continue reading

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Which Side Is My Bread Buttered On?

This Side, Baby! Yesterday, as I reached for a mason jar of goat’s milk, I noticed that a large amount of cream had risen to the top over the last couple of days.  I looked at another jar, and saw … Continue reading

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Dairy Days!

Since some of the little goats are weaned, it’s time to start milking! Here’s where it all starts!  These little goats are short, so I milk into a little stainless steel bowl, then transfer it to a mason jar for … Continue reading

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New Baby Goats!

Firecrystal finally had her kids!  We’ve been watching her closely for the last couple of weeks and after a few false alarms, she has given us two beautiful babies  Both are adorable and doing great!   The birth went smoothly…once … Continue reading

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Tiny Surprise

I found something extra in the watering pitcher… Apparently the little cutie was trapped in there.  Of course, I fished it out and turned it loose. That is all!

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The Hound

He’s a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix, and as you might expect from that, he’s a very high-energy dog.  He did inherit the infamous Border Collie stare.  Once something has his attention he LOCKS ON.  His entire attention and being is … Continue reading

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