Which Side Is My Bread Buttered On?

This Side, Baby!

Toast Crop

Yesterday, as I reached for a mason jar of goat’s milk, I noticed that a large amount of cream had risen to the top over the last couple of days.  I looked at another jar, and saw the same thing.  All together, I thought it looked like it might be enough to try making a little bit of butter.

I hadn’t done this before, but I had seen this video.  Check it out, and see how easy it is to do this!

The Result:

First Butter_crop

It’s bright white!  Since goats process the beta-carotene in fresh green grass/leaves differently than cows do, so the butter and cheeses you make with their milk won’t be yellow without an added dye.  (In fact, a lot of butter made with cow’s milk has a natural annatto dye added if the cows that it came from weren’t grazing fresh grass.  Customers expect yellow butter, hence the added coloring.)

Yellow or not, it’s is so, so tasty…  Try it some time and see!



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