Not a Prince, But It’s Cute

Apparently there is an open space around one of the window air conditioning units, since I found this little guy hopping around in the living room tonight.  I have a soft spot for little frogs, so I took a couple of pictures.

Grey Tree Frog inside 2 crop

It’s a “Grey tree frog”, even though this individual is mostly green.  I’ve found a couple of these while I’ve been out and about gardening.

Grey Tree Frog inside crop

More often then not I hear them rather than see them, since their coloring allows them to blend in with their surroundings so well…

Grey Tree Frog Back

Another Grey tree frog.  This one -is- actually grey.

…until they move, and then these little patches of bright yellow will show on their back legs.

Grey Tree Frog Climbing

…and here is yet another one hiding near an outdoor faucet.  These little guys seem to really like our place.



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