Dairy Days!

Since some of the little goats are weaned, it’s time to start milking!

Clarissa Bag Side View crop

Clarissa’s udder side view.

Here’s where it all starts!  These little goats are short, so I milk into a little stainless steel bowl, then transfer it to a mason jar for safe/clean keeping in the fridge, until it goes into a steel pan for pasteurization.

Dairy Thermometer 1

The dairy thermometer is your friend!  You will need it to make sure the milk reaches the necessary temperature for pasteurization and that it stays at that temperature for long enough to render the milk safe to use.

Dairy Thermometer 2

Once this is done you will need to chill the milk down quickly.  I have done this by placing the covered pot in an ice bath in a very clean sink.  Once the milk is cold, I pop it in the fridge.

Milk Jar

So there it is!  Fresh, tasty, milk that is chemical-free, full of nutrients and is still non-homogenized which means it’s excellent for making that other tasty treat:  CHEESE.

We’ll get to that in another post.


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