The Hound


Meet Jasper… Once he settles down a bit.

He’s a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix, and as you might expect from that, he’s a very high-energy dog.  He did inherit the infamous Border Collie stare.  Once something has his attention he LOCKS ON.  His entire attention and being is focused on whatever has interested him.  I see this often when we are out playing with a ball or a frisbee.

The Stare Small

I see the squeaky-toy. I want the squeaky toy. I AM the squeaky toy… Throwitnowplease.

…and again.

Homing In Small

Homing in.

What can I say, he takes “fetch” seriously…  Not that he lets me have the ball every time or anything…  We’re working on that.

Sitting still... This is rare.

Sitting still without being asked.  This is rare.

He’s hyper but we love him.  What a good boy!

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