So what else do you folks do?

Well, in addition to keeping the goats we garden, do crafts and keep a few types of poultry.


Royal Purple Guinea

Guinea Hen_copysmall

sleepy keets small

The guinea keets are sleepy! Zzz…

These are the ones you’ll probably hear first if you visit our place…  Guineas are loud, but I love having them.  They are good for insect/tick control, plus, they crack me up the way they run around all over the place.  The picture on the top shows a male.  You can tell by it’s larger crest and wattles or “gills” as they are sometimes called.

Cats and chickens small

Part of our flock plus some barn cats

Of course we had to get a bunch of chickens too…  It’s great having a constant source of fresh, free-range eggs.

stil eatin'_copy

Our chickens while still in their little brooder  Cute and fluffy!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our garden.  We love to grow all sorts of flowers. vegetables and fruits.  Below are some images from gardens past:

Poppy 4


Ye Olde Irise


Forsythia Close






Verbena pale



Tithonia – So cheerful…  They’re ORANGE!

Pussy Willow Full Bloom 1

Pussy-willow catkin

Pussy Willow Stamens 2

Pussy-willow catkin, uber-closeup! AK.A. “Someone was playing around with the macro lens.”

Rhubarb Egg

Rhubarb, Rhubarb,rhubarb… Can you say it five times fast?


Live-Forever Plant

Seed Packets

The seed order came! The Seed Order Came!


I have a soft spot for verbenas…


Tiny Zucchini

Pepper Profusion

Pepper Profusion!

Canteloupe flower

Cantaloupe Flower


Cantaloupe in training

Asparagus Tail

Asparagus spears in various stages of maturity. I think there might be something wrong with the one in front…

So…  When I’m not taking care of the above, I’m crafting or canning.


The first actually usable hand-spun yarn I made on my wheel.

Brambles (2)

A tam I made for my mother. The pattern is a free one from Ravelry called “Brambles


Loud Socks

Loud socks in progress!

Canning 3

Homemade Goodness!

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