Tiny Goats For Sale 2017

Well, here we are looking at the first post of a brand new farming blog.  I’m excited to get started and hope you enjoy your visit here.

Enough of that though!  You are probably here to see adorable pictures of this year’s baby goats.  Worry not, I can totally hook you up.  Welcome to the almost unbearable cuteness of baby Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  At this moment all of the goats on this page are available, except for Janey.  I will update this page as needed.

Below is Red Clover Iota’s Kid, Janie.  The sire was Woodland Trails Roger.

Butterbean Let Me In-20170217

Red Clover Janie – Born 2/8/17 – Doe – Retained for Now

Here are Cloven Trail Clarissa’s Kids.  The Sire was Woodland Trails Roger

White Tail 2

Red Clover White-Tail – Born 4/11/17 – Buck – Available

Smiley 1

Red Clover Smile – Born 4/11/17 – Buck – Available

Now we have Woodland Trails Tinkerbell’s babies.  Sire is Woodland Trails Roger.

Blue Eyes 1

Red Clover Gingersnap – Born 4/19/17 – Buck – Available

Bandito 2

Red Clover Bandit – Born 4/19/17 – Buck – Available

Woodland Trails Maybelle’s kids are next.  Sire is Woodland Trails Roger.

Maybelle's Girl

Red Clover Praline – Born 4/21/17 – Doe – Available


Red Clover Top-Knot – Born 4/21/17 – Doe – Available

The most recent ones are Woodland Trails Adorabelle’s Kids.  Here again, Roger was the sire.  We haven’t put names on these yet.  Actually, none of the names we’ve put on any of the kids are really written in stone yet.

Dora's Boy

Dora’s Boy – Born 5/1/17 – Buck – Available

Dora's Girl

Dora’s Girl – Born 5/1/17 – Doe – Available

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