Maybelle’s Babies

We got our last bunch of goat kids this morning!  Maybelle did great, and gave us four more!

Tiniest Brown Maybelle

Red Clover Phoebe – Doe – Sold

Maybelles Boy 2018

Red Clover J.D. – Buck – Sold

Tiny Girl Maybelle

Red Clover Mia – Doe – Sold

Wrigley's Boy Maybelle 2018

Red Clover Juno – Doe – Sold

So there they all are!  😀

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Even more babies! (Two more sets!)

Iota had her babies!  Check out the little moon-spots!


Red Clover Patron – Buck – Sold

Appaloosa 2

Red Clover Elsie – Doe – Sold

mouse 2

Red Clover Mouse – Buck – Sold


Not long after, Clarissa gave us FOUR baby does all in one go!

black and white new

Red Clover Liberty – Doe – Sold


Red Clover Freedom – Doe – Sold


Red Clover Belle – Doe – Sold

tiny brown 3

Red Clover Lucy – Doe – Sold

So that makes fourteen babies so far this year…  (When we let them all out to run around together, it’s a scene of adorable chaos…)  There is one more pregnant doe yet to kid.  If all goes well, we should see Maybelle’s little ones around June 11th.  Check back and see.  😀

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More Babies – 2018

Now it’s Adorabelle’s turn.  Three more little cuties!

Dora's Boy 2018

Red Clover Clive – Buck – Sold

Dora's Brown Girl

Red Clover Minnie – Doe – Sold

Dora's Black Girl

Red Clover CeCe – Doe – Sold

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Baby Goats 2018… It begins!

These little guys were born earlier this month on 4/1/18.  They’re growing fast and two have sold already!  Scroll on down for your cuteness fix for today!

Crystal's Tiny

Red Clover Benjamin – Buck – Sold

Crystal's Girl

Red Clover Coco – Doe – Sold

Crystal's White

Red Clover Joker – Buck – Sold

Crystals Boy 1

Red Clover Tigger – Buck – Sold

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Not a Prince, But It’s Cute

Apparently there is an open space around one of the window air conditioning units, since I found this little guy hopping around in the living room tonight.  I have a soft spot for little frogs, so I took a couple of pictures.

Grey Tree Frog inside 2 crop

It’s a “Grey tree frog”, even though this individual is mostly green.  I’ve found a couple of these while I’ve been out and about gardening.

Grey Tree Frog inside crop

More often then not I hear them rather than see them, since their coloring allows them to blend in with their surroundings so well…

Grey Tree Frog Back

Another Grey tree frog.  This one -is- actually grey.

…until they move, and then these little patches of bright yellow will show on their back legs.

Grey Tree Frog Climbing

…and here is yet another one hiding near an outdoor faucet.  These little guys seem to really like our place.



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Which Side Is My Bread Buttered On?

This Side, Baby!

Toast Crop

Yesterday, as I reached for a mason jar of goat’s milk, I noticed that a large amount of cream had risen to the top over the last couple of days.  I looked at another jar, and saw the same thing.  All together, I thought it looked like it might be enough to try making a little bit of butter.

I hadn’t done this before, but I had seen this video.  Check it out, and see how easy it is to do this!

The Result:

First Butter_crop

It’s bright white!  Since goats process the beta-carotene in fresh green grass/leaves differently than cows do, so the butter and cheeses you make with their milk won’t be yellow without an added dye.  (In fact, a lot of butter made with cow’s milk has a natural annatto dye added if the cows that it came from weren’t grazing fresh grass.  Customers expect yellow butter, hence the added coloring.)

Yellow or not, it’s is so, so tasty…  Try it some time and see!



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Dairy Days!

Since some of the little goats are weaned, it’s time to start milking!

Clarissa Bag Side View crop

Clarissa’s udder side view.

Here’s where it all starts!  These little goats are short, so I milk into a little stainless steel bowl, then transfer it to a mason jar for safe/clean keeping in the fridge, until it goes into a steel pan for pasteurization.

Dairy Thermometer 1

The dairy thermometer is your friend!  You will need it to make sure the milk reaches the necessary temperature for pasteurization and that it stays at that temperature for long enough to render the milk safe to use.

Dairy Thermometer 2

Once this is done you will need to chill the milk down quickly.  I have done this by placing the covered pot in an ice bath in a very clean sink.  Once the milk is cold, I pop it in the fridge.

Milk Jar

So there it is!  Fresh, tasty, milk that is chemical-free, full of nutrients and is still non-homogenized which means it’s excellent for making that other tasty treat:  CHEESE.

We’ll get to that in another post.


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New Baby Goats!

Firecrystal finally had her kids!  We’ve been watching her closely for the last couple of weeks and after a few false alarms, she has given us two beautiful babies  Both are adorable and doing great!

Crystal nd the Fam

Firecrystal and The Kids


Crystal's Girl Crop 3

Firecrystal’s Doeling

The birth went smoothly…once I got the little doeling out.  She popped out head first with both front legs back, so she needed a little help.

Crystal's Boy Crop 1
Firecrystal’s Buckling

Then this little guy slipped right out, all ready to be part of the world.


Life is beautiful isn’t it?

What’s new in your corner of the world?

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Tiny Surprise

I found something extra in the watering pitcher…

Toad Swimming Small

Wee Toad

Apparently the little cutie was trapped in there.  Of course, I fished it out and turned it loose.

Toad in the Hand Small

A Toad in the Hand.

That is all!

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The Hound


Meet Jasper… Once he settles down a bit.

He’s a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix, and as you might expect from that, he’s a very high-energy dog.  He did inherit the infamous Border Collie stare.  Once something has his attention he LOCKS ON.  His entire attention and being is focused on whatever has interested him.  I see this often when we are out playing with a ball or a frisbee.

The Stare Small

I see the squeaky-toy. I want the squeaky toy. I AM the squeaky toy… Throwitnowplease.

…and again.

Homing In Small

Homing in.

What can I say, he takes “fetch” seriously…  Not that he lets me have the ball every time or anything…  We’re working on that.

Sitting still... This is rare.

Sitting still without being asked.  This is rare.

He’s hyper but we love him.  What a good boy!

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